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Sigiriya Rock Fortress is Sri Lanka’s most popular attraction. Sigiriya, also known as ‘Lion Rock’, is particularly notable for the fortress built into its walls and plateau. Colourful frescoes adorn the walls while two giant lion paws guard the main gateway.

Transportation in an air conditioned car/van.
Replacement of vehicle in case of breakdown or emergency.
All fuel, insurance and license fees of the vehicle.
Assistance at the airport on arrival and departure.
Entrance fees (Can be arranged on request).
Expenses of personal nature such as liquor, cigarettes etc.
Extra items consumed / facilities utilized in Hotels.
Price does not include any other services than those specified above.

Start and end in Colombo! With the historical tour Sigiriya Rock Fortress, you have a 1 day tour package taking you through Colombo, Sri Lanka and 2 other destinations in Sri Lanka. Sigiriya Rock Fortress is a small group tour that includes transport and more.


Day 1:

Sigiriya and Dambulla have been nominated as UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES and once Sigiriya was nominated as the 8th Wonder of the World. This is a MUST DO trip when holidaying in Sri Lanka. Trip starts at 6 am from Colombo and the drive to Sigiriya to excurse the “LION ROCK” it will take 4 hours approximately. Then we will take you to a lake where you would be able to enjoy an Elephant back ride which is a highlight of this trip. Once you enjoy the elephant ride in the lake nearby and we suggest you have lunch at a recommended restaurant advised by our chauffeur. On your way to Dambulla you can visit Dambulla Cave Temple situated in a giant rock and thereby proceed to Colombo visiting the national spice gardens on your way.
When explaining further, the Dambulla cave temple is situated on a gigantic rock which towers more than 160m above the surrounding land. The Rock is more the 1.5km around its base and summit is at 550km. The caves were the refuge of King Walagamba (Vattagamini Abhaya) When he was exiled for 14 years. When he returns to the throne at Anuradapura in the 1st century BC, he had magnificent rock temple built at Dambulla.
The site has been repaired and repainted several times in the 11th, 12th and 18th centuries. Dambulla was designated a World Heritage site in 1991. The caves have a mixture of religious and secular painting and sculpture. There are several reclining Buddha's, including the 15m long sculpture of the dying Buddha in Cave 1. the frescoes on the walls and ceiling from the 15th-18th centuries; the ceiling frescoes show scenes from the Buddha's life and Sinhalese history. Cave 2 is the largest and most impressive, containing over 150 statues, illustrating the Mahayana influences on Buddhism at the time through introducing Hindu deities such a s Vishnu and Ganesh.
The ancient city of SIGIRIYA is a premier eco-tourism destination in Sri Lanka which was designated a cultural World Heritage Site in 1982. It is also proposed that the site should be named the eighth wonder of the world, indicating it is in the same league as other international wonders such as the Grand Canyon and Ancient Pyramids. Translated as ‘Lion Rock' into English, the name of the monument indicates the way in which visitors used to begin their final ascent to the top – through the open jaws and throat (‘giriya') of a lion (‘sinha'). Unfortunately, the only remains of this lion figure are the gigantic paws, sculpted into the side of the rock.
The topography of the area is flat except for the massive rock outcrop of the fortress itself (which rises an incredible 600 ft up from the green scrub jungle). The unusual rock is particularly interesting due to its flat top (nearly an acre in size), that was used in its entirety to build King Kasyapa's fortress complex, still evident by the presence of the extensive ruin, Approximately – 353 km

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